Gypsy Caravan Shows

Complete and return the application agreement.  Please read all specific details regarding this information. If you have any questions, prior to signing, please see the “Management Team” of Gypsy Caravan.  Your paperwork will not be processed or accepted if the application is not completed and signed as requested.

2—Describe your product in detail that you plan to sell.  This information must be accurate, to avoid duplications with other vendors.  Photos must be included with application.

3—Describe in detail the type of set up you plan on utilizing at the show.  For Example; Pop-up Tents (if so, white tents are preferred, other colors must be noted and approved), Wall Grid, Pipe and Drape (Indoor Venue) and Etc.


By signing below, I, the applicant am applying to exhibit at the Gypsy Caravan Show and will abide by all Rules and Regulations.  I acknowledge that this application is not binding until accepted by the “Management Team” of Gypsy Caravan, at which time the application becomes binding.

I agree to adhere to the specifications set forth in this agreement and acknowledge that I have read and agree to the information as stated in this application.  This agreement is made and entered into by and between Gypsy Caravan and:

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